Frequently Asked Questions

Which age group should my child try out with?

You can figure out what Age Group your child falls under at this link:  https://www.ovr.org/juniors/divisions.php

When do the teams practice, times per week, and tournament schedule for 2020?

The 2020 Practice Schedule is posted here:  https://www.pittsburghpointvolleyball.com/schedule

The Tournament schedules will be scheduled at a later time, but here is a typical number of tournaments by the following age groups.  This is subject to change.



Are the tournaments overnight or just day trips?

Most tournaments are day trips.  There may be one or two out of town depending on the age.


When does the Club season begin and end?

Practices usually begin early January, and the season typically ends by ???


Do you have a late spring or summer club experience?

Do you offer any financial assistance?

There will be fundraising opportunities to help offset tuition costs.

For tryouts do you evaluate how good a player is and put them on a team with their ability/let them play on a club team or do you cut players at tryouts?

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